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Mark Henson is an Idea Explorer, and an Encouraging Coach. He is the owner of sparkspace, and wanted this blog to be an avenue for his personal messages of inspiration and creativity.

The Challenge

Mark Henson is the founder of sparkspace… a unique and exceptional business retreat center in Columbus, Ohio. His ordinary superpowers are exploring new ideas and spaces, simplifying things and sharing ideas through writing and speaking. In addition to leading his team at sparkspace, he writes books, conducts retreats, speaks at conferences and coaches people who want to get more fully engaged with life and work.

This new website designed by NDESIGN was designed as an avenue for him to publish his personal posts, and to communicate his expertise in the above areas.

The Solution

NDESIGN created a sleek, clean, user-friendly experience for the personal blog site. We incorporated Mark’s preferences and design requests, and have achieved a useful, clean, beautiful layout.


User Experience Design

Visual Posting Grid

Social Media Integration

Content Management

Project Management, Quality Assurance


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